Thursday, May 17, 2007

What $30.00 will buy you

I remember when I was a freshman in college and you could buy gas for $1.00. Now that was 9 years ago, but for about $15.00 bucks or less I could fill my entire gas tank up. Well, now I could buy a quarter of a tank of gas for that amount. Yesterday, much to my dismay I realized that I was completely empty and had to break down and purchase gas. I told myself I was only going to spend $30.00 in hopes that this will tide me over for awhile and prices will go down. Well, as the ticker kept on ticking I realized I was barely going to get 8 gallons for $30.00, but I still stopped the pump then, got in my car and turned it on...holding my breath I looked at the was half full. The sad thing is, I was actually happy that it was half full, because I thought for sure it wouldn't even be that much. So, I guess now I am going to cut my driving down even more than I already do, no more going out just to get out of the house, because those prices are just to ridiculous. I will sure enjoy when our house is done so I can just step outside to go for walks and I won't have to drive somewhere to feel safe...but until then, the driving will be limited :-(