Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bad Mood Days

Do you ever just wake up in a bad mood, not really knowing why, but just crabby? Well, today I did. Maybe it is because I went to bed after 11...a no, no, no in the land of Stahl. Then Maddie woke up at 12:30, so I rocked her and tried to put her back into bed, only to have her wake again. This went on for over an hour when I finally gave up and we slept on the recliner together for most of the rest of the night...I guess she just wanted to be held or something, cause she sure snuggled up and held on to me. So after sleeping a few hours in bed I woke up at 7:15 in just a horrible, horrible mood. Snappy and unhappy. Maybe it is the weather or the lack of sleep, or the fact that we are pretty much trapped in the apartment today because of the race and our street is a one way out, not in...but anyway, I guess I am just complaining and hopefully I will snap out of this soon...there is no point in being crabby, even on a rainy day!