Friday, May 25, 2007

Prunes are the worst!

The girls have finally been introduced to all the first steps food. Yes, it took a really long time, but my family has a lot of food allergies so I took it slow and instead of introducing a new food every three days I did a new one once a week. Now that we have introduced them all I can honestly say that prunes are the absolute worst. While the girls really like them they are so messy. The stains they leave when the girls spit up are amazing. It is like black sludge that stains is really gross. The second worst food is the carrot. The girls don't really care for this veg so the stain should be minimal, but who would have thought that these foods could cause so much damage. The good news is that so far the girls aren't allergic to anything we have given them. So on to the next step in a few months...yippy!