Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A+++++++ Customer Service

I have always known that LLBean had great customer service and great products. I know I know this is going to sounds like an LLBean pitch, and okay, it kind of is, but they are the best! I have loved LLBean for a really long time, their fleeces and duffles are the greatest. So, last week I ordered the girls some little duffles for our little trips planned this summer and for when we go to their YaYa's, my mom's house. :-) Well, the bags arrived today monogrammed and everything and I took them out of the wrapper and they were so tiny, not the size I thought I had ordered. I have an overnight/weekend duffle from there which I thought was a small, oops it was a medium. So I thought I was going to be screwed because I had them monogrammed and everything, but nope, LLBean said no problem, ordered me up new ones in the bigger size, set up the monogram again and said they will be here by the beginning of next week. I couldn't believe it, even after the monogramming, it is amazing. This isn't the first time that LLBean has surprised me. Back in High School I had an LLBean back pack that had a zipper that got caught on my locker and ripped. I sent it back to LLBean asking them to fix it and they sent me a brand new bag...mine was at least 4 years old, now that is what I call quality customer service. So if you ever need a bag, a fleece, clothes or you are just bored surf their site, it is great!