Monday, May 28, 2007

The Trail

Today as I stumbled into the shower tripping over the girl's bath toys I couldn't help but laugh to myself because they have taken over. You cannot make it from one side of the apartment to the next without stepping on something or having to move something else. It is pretty funny when you think how small the girls are and how much space they take up. Their toys and shampoo and bath stuff cover the bathroom...they don't even have that much hair yet, they have 2 different shampoos, no more tears and selsun for their cradle cap, 2 soaps, lavender nighttime calming and regular, a bazillion toys...that is just the bathroom. We still have both swings set up, I know, but they still use them EVERYDAY...they love them, so we aren't getting rid of them just yet, then the bouncy seat and the pac and play and don't forget the exersaucer...which we only have 1 of...thank goodness. But that is okay, we love them. It is just funny, tonight even Tom said, man you don't realize how much clutter comes along with kids until you have them and ours is multiplied. At least in the new house we will have more space to spread the clutter around and a designated area for the girls in their bedroom and the loft for all the toys! Can't you think we are excited...haha!