Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Vote for Tom

MYSigg, a water bottle company is having a contest to design their next bottle and Tom has submitted an entry. If you have a chance go to: http://dcpstudio.com/golduser1/MySIGG/
and vote for his bottle, it is the bottle that says:
Bottle Name: Recycle
Stylist: Tom Stahl
SIGGART Saying: Reduce, reuse, recycle.
Also, check out their other bottle designs. In an effort to do my part and to help the environment I have made the investment and purchased this bottle so I will stop using bottles of water everyday. While I use one bottle per day and fill it up I am still adding to the waste. Also, did you know that petroleum is used to make plastic bottles? Yup, that is right so I am trying to help with the gas problem as well. On another note, we will also be switching to more earth friendly cleaners such as Seventh Generation once our current cleaners are finished. So if you are earth friendly check out these bottles and seventh generation products!