Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Diaper Me Please Daddy

Last night Maddie woke up screaming at 1:00 am. This isn't to untypical, the girls will usually do this when their pacifier falls out and they don't want to suck their thumb. Only the typical response is pacifier goes back in and the girl goes back to sleep. Only last night Maddie opened her eyes looked straight at me and had this look like "are you crazy?" then she proceeded to scream, so I went to pick her up to rock her for a little bit only to find her soaked, bed soaked, pj's and her sleep sak, so I take her into the living room to change her and as I am stripping her down each article of clothing is wetter and wetter until I get to her onsie, where I then reach for her diaper, which isn't there. That's right, NO diaper. At that point I am really annoyed because Tom had dressed her after her bath, and had forgotten to put her diaper on. The poor girls must have wet herself several times. So Tom wakes up because of crying and I am like next time can you please put a diaper on Maddie and he tries to tell me that I was the one who had dressed her, because I gave her the bath, but then we had switched and I also did Natalie. He then realized what he had done and went to change her sheets. The longer I sat there the funnier this all turned to me and I found myself sitting in the dark livingroom laughing to myself. It was all to funny to think that at 7:30 pm a diaper was missed and we have gone several nights of sleeplessness and we have never done anything like that before. Hopefully in the future we won't make mistakes like this again, because the only person I feel bad for is little Maddie who woke up cold and wet...poor thing.