Friday, May 18, 2007

People really are ignorant

This week the girls turned 7 months old. Very weird to think they are that old already, but hey time flies when you are having fun...right? It has been great being able to get out of the house and show them around the world...they like going to target and watching all the products pass them by in the cart, their eyes get really big and it is pretty cute and it is great not being house bound. This freedom, however, comes with a price. The price of having to deal with ignorant people. Tom and I usually want nothing more than to do our shopping or have a nice peaceful meal out with the girls, but that is not a luxury anymore, because you would think we were traveling with a circus or something. Everyone stops us and says, "oh twins," or "oh you poor thing," when I am alone. I do not consider myself a "poor thing" I consider myself lucky, lucky to have 2 great daughters to love and who love me back. The worst are the people who stop us and try to touch the girls or ask pretty dumb questions, like "are they boys?" I want to say, "yes, they are boys and I am raising them to be gay, that is why they are in all pink clothing and pink car seats" Come on people give me a break. The best was when we went out to eat last week, we had both girls in their car seats and the guy seating us asked how far apart in age they were...are you serious? My mom says this circus feel will only get worse as they get bigger and look more alike, but all I want is to be able to get in and out of the store without being bothered. Oh, well I guess this is about the only down side I can see about having two instead of one, but once again I wouldn't change it for the world, I just wish people wouldn't be so ignorant and would mind their own business, like we mind ours!