Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Big Ball is Scary

I realize I have been somewhat MIA this week, but on Monday I drove the girls to myself to visit my family. The drive went pretty smoothly too. We left at 6:00 am and the girls slept all the way to Columbus. Of course they started screaming right when I had to nevigate the city, but we survivied and made it here safe and sound. The girls have been really shy for some reason and Maddie has been super needy. Natalie will either hide behind me or Maddie or lay down on the floor and try to make herself as small as possible when my dad tries to play with her, which is really weird, because she is normally not the shy one. Then Maddie has had serious issues with seperation anxiety. I went to dinner with some of my friends last night and even though I told her I loved her and would be back soon I guess she was crawling around crying and looking everywhere for me after I left. Then my mom purchased a big bouncy ball for them and Natalie loves it, but Maddie thinks it is the scariest thing ever. She went up to it and touched it and when it rolled she scampered back to me as fast as she could crying, then she didn't even want to look at it and wouldnt' stop crying until we had taken it out of the room. I am hoping she is just teething or something, because I just feel like she is so unhappy at the moment. Oh well, life goes on and I can't say I mind all th extra hugs I have been getting!