Monday, August 27, 2007

Fresh Air

The past week the girls and I have been in Ohio. It sure has been refreshing to say the least. Getting out of the "city" and into the country and out of the stank, humid, hot air. Last night we even got to open the windows and hear all the bugs outside while we were sleeping, it was so nice. Being able to go for walks, using my parents garage to get the girls in and out, not hearing the door slam a thousand times from the guy upstairs or the garage going up and down while the man who has it sells goods in the middle of the night. It sure has been nice to get away, even though it has been hard on time to have the girls away from him for so long...we are staying an additional week and Tom will be joining us for the long weekend, it has refreshed me and given more strength to move forward with the whole house fiasco. I hope one day soon I am not afraid to open my windows and we can get some fresh air of our own in our own house...ahhhhhhh here is to fresh air!