Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's Like Living in a Fraternity

By now must of the boxes have been unpacked, again and things were starting to settle down, except for the paper and plastic dishes we have been utilizing life was somewhat normal. That is until yesterday when we had our new furniture delivered. We order it about 3 months ago because the couch was going to take 8 weeks to come in, just in time to be delivered to the new joint. Well, after having it sit at the warehouse for an additional month we decided we couldn't have it sit there for 4 more months and we couldn't return it because that would be way to much money sitting as a credit, on our credit cards. The new furniture is a little big for this tiny apartment and we have had to rearrange things to make both the swings fit in the living room, but that isn't the worst of it. We now have the old couch pulled up to the dinning room table, it does add additional seating, we can now serve 7, but it is a little awkward and fratty to say the least! You would think it would stop there, but nope...the love seat is still in the guest room, along with the recliner now. It is like each room you go into there is odd furniture or something out of place. It really isn't a big deal, it is just funny when all we wanted was a "grown up" house, but instead we are regressing. We are not even saying just 4 more months this time, we are just passing the time knowing that some day it will be over and we will have a house to put our new furniture in. At least the cat loves it...she jumps from piece to piece and she has discovered that if she sits in the corner of the over sized chair the girls can't reach her like they can on the couch funny, aren't animals smart! So if you ever come over please forgive us for living like we used to in college it isn't permanent just a temporary glitch in life!