Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Returning to Normal

As I slowly put boxes back into closets and unpack dishes and clothes things start to return to normal around here. It is sad though because even though we didn't physically move the boxes are there like we did. The unpacking and knowing in 4 months we will have to repack lie in the back of my mind. The past 3.5 weeks have been a struggle for us, emotionally mostly, but that wears on you physically as well. We have decided to build another house, the offer was to good to pass up financially, but I hope the price we pay mentally and emotionally isn't too great. Living in an apartment can really take a toll on a person used to their own space. With the girls out of their pumpkin seats getting them to the car has become interesting and fighting for the "good" parking space has just gotten annoying. When the dude knows that we have twins he still parks there and I just want to slap him. Then the ants are still out of control, I moved boxes and it was like opening an ant farm behind them...gross. Then the guy who rents the garage attached to our apartment has taken to selling things again out of said garage and he does this late at night, usually between 9-midnight...do we think these are hocked goods...you betcha! He even asked me one day if I wanted to buy a washer and dryer...I mean he had three pairs in there. One day he even had a three door refridgerator. I don't know where he gets the stuff, but I am pretty sure it is his business because he is home at all hours and leaves at all hours of the night. In the end we will get the house we wanted, nice, new clean, basement, upgraded carpet, etc and it will all be worth it, but after 9 months I hope we aren't to exhausted to enjoy it...whew what a time :-)