Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Biggest Workout

On Sunday I went on a hunt for the Biggest Loser workout DVD, the first one. I had read some good reviews and figured, hey if they can lose that much weight on television doing this stuff maybe it can help me lose weight too. Let me tell you, honestly it really is no surprise that they lost a lot of weight because man that workout was tough. They have set up a 6 week program where you alternate workouts, low impact aerobics and weight sculpting for the first three weeks and then high impact and boot camp for the last three. Well today I have done the low impact and the sculpting and I am sore....ahhhhhh it was quit a workout and I am surprised. The great thing is that the workouts are short, 20-40 minutes so I can get them in while the girls play or nap, much better than the Taebo...thanks Jeanelle for pointing out that is how long the workouts are...I think this will be much better. Then once the weather cools off I can mix this with running and I should be on my way...AGAIN! Now to get the eating under control, haha. But if you are looking for a workout dvd this is a good one!