Thursday, August 09, 2007

To good to be true?

Yesterday after informing the builder that we were no longer going to pursue the house I felt like a weight had been lifted and we were ready to move on. I had contacted our realtor and had her doing searches for houses again. Then later in the afternoon our sales rep called us, she is out of the office on medical leave but had heard we were walking away. At this point she asks if we were sure we wanted to walk away completely or if we wanted them to build us another house, at the discounted price, with the upgraded carpet, etc on a different lot. I told her I hadn't realized this was an option and she said if that is what we wanted they would make it happen. The close date would be in November and to let her know. I was completely surprised by this, why were they being so generous? Tom and I talked it over and went to look at the open lots and found a couple that we liked and I went in to talk to the assistant to make sure the lots we liked were available and low and behold she tells me the lot that we originally wanted, right across the street from our old house is available, the deal had fallen through and that is were our rep though we would build. What?! How can this be, aren't you concerned about having 2 identical houses next to each other? I asked her, oh we talked about that and we will either give you a side load garage or a porch or something to make the houses look different if you want it, she replied. I was totally astounded by this fact, once again why so nice? So I went out and told Tom, at which point we decided this is what we are going to do, of course, how can we pass it up. We have a call into our real rep, she has more power and knowledge than the assistant to confirm all these details and to make sure they really are willing to do all this, but it looks like we will have to wait 4 more months, but in the end we will still get the brand new house we wanted...I will believe it when I see it in writing. My hopes aren't completely back up, because I can't handle that, but there is light at the end of the tunnel!