Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sick People

All the vanadalism and destruction that has been going on lately has really made me mad and upset. Not only did someone wreck our house, but the builders were telling us another story of a house they had on the Southside where the night before closing someone got in and smeared poop all over the entire house. Then there have been the slew of mishaps up north, kids spray painting cars and garages, etc. I think the thing that really made this all hit home and turn my stomach upside down was the break in to Gleaners food bank this past weekend. The thieves were stealing cooper piping or something, but it broke the refrigerators and Gleaners has suffered over $400,000 in loss of spoiled food. It just simply makes me sick to think that people out there are so careless to hurt others, and worse people they don't know to top it all off. I am glad the community is rallying around Gleaners to help them with donations and food and hopefully the thieves will be caught and justice will be served.