Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Cutting the Strings

Today, after 5 months of heartache and emotional roller coaster Tom and I have decided to cut the strings on "our" house and to move on. This has been a hard, hard decision for us, but we feel in the end it just won't be worth it. Yesterday they did their moisture and mold testing and they found mold in the basement. Our biggest concern since this all happened was mold and there it is, clear and present. They say that it can be treated and everything will be fine, but that is to much of a weight on our shoulders and it would have to be disclosed upon the sale of the house in the future, which will scare some buyers away, I am sure, because it scared us when we were first looking and still scares us now. So there you go, it is over. We are now back to square one, but who knows hopefully things will all work out and we will be happier in the end! Here's to hoping again :-)