Thursday, August 23, 2007


So the girls are finally starting to get over the fear of my dad and they actually like his feet. He was sitting in his chair tonight and they were playing on the floor when Maddie noticed his shoes and she went right up and took them off his feet, they were indoor clogs. Later Natalie even got up enough courage and was pulling on them and whacking them with a spoon. Glad to see they are having some bonding moments, since my dad has really been trying hard to interact with them! In other news Maddie's fear of the big ball spread to the basement today. My parents have a huge finished basement that would be great for the girls to roam around so I took them down there. I carried them down in an Llbean bag and they were just laughing hystrically, but as soon as I pulled Maddie out she saw the long hallway and totally freaked again and wouldn't let go. Finally, she got down and started playing, but kept looking into my dad's dark shop and would freak again. Finally I just got sick of her freakin every couple of minutes and we went back upstairs. Natalie of course paid no attention to the "demons" in the dark, but she came up with us anyway.