Friday, August 31, 2007


There is a funny thing about going home for an extended visit to your family, there comes a point when you stop being a guest and are considered to be living there, at which point you are required/expected to act like a family member and participate in the daily chores. I guess for my family over a week is considered the time limit for guest and chores have been re-instated into my life. I can't really complain because we have kind of taken over, but at the same time it is funny when you are expected to help do the dishes, vacum and keep the bathroom clean, it is almost like being in high school again. I share a bathroom with my sister and our stuff is everywhere, spread out across the counter. Hairspray and face cleanser, make up and nail polish. My parents thought I should move into the basement, into my brothers room, this weekend when Tom comes so he doesn't have to share the bathroom with my sister, but I said, how about he just uses that bathroom so I don't have to move all my stuff and the girls stuff, so that is what is going to happen. It really is intersting though how the family dynamic falls right back into place after a very short time and even though I have a family of my own now, I am still expected to participate in my "original" family...just some interesting thoughts.