Friday, August 03, 2007

When are you going to learn?

When are you going to learn? Is a question that Tom is continually asking me. See I have this really bad habit of eating things I shouldn't, either because I have a craving or because they are my favorite. Pizza and ice cream come to mind first, now I realize these food aren't good for you, but for me they are especially bad. I have some sort of lactose intolerance, as does my sister and dad. My sister is smart and she doesn't eat these things. I on the other hand can't seem to get enough and I pay every time. Anything from an upset stomach to gasiness to other things I won't mention. One would think that being a grown 27 year old woman that I would stop, but I can't seem to and every time I eat something I shouldn't and feel sick Tom asks me, "when are you going to learn?" I think tonight I might have learned, we had Bazebeaux Pizza followed with ice cream and no my stomach is a mess and I just hate it. I love these foods, but this torture just isn't worth it, aside from that lets talk about the weight I am not losing and want to, so maybe cutting out these foods will help in that endeavor, we shall see! I did order the new Taebo Amped that is scheduled to come out on Tuesday, I say if Billy Blanks can't get me in shape and help me lose weight then nobody can, the task will be to actually get up and do the workouts! So hopefully next time I write I will weigh less and will have given up my vices of ice cream, pizza and fried foods...fingers crossed!