Friday, August 10, 2007

Come On

As I age in years, yes I am 2 away from being 30, I expect that my body will age as well and I will appear to be over the age of 21, at least that is what one would think. However, I am constantly reminded that I still look like a 16 year old. Everyone always tells me that when I am older I will love looking young, but now it is just annoying. I have always been carded going into bars, the Claddagh included, and when purchasing alcohol at the store, which I used to think was fine and I would be prepared for it. But now that I am almost 30 and have 2 babies I find it very annoying to get carded anymore. A few months ago I was carded buying a lottery ticket, that's right a lottery ticket. Not cigarettes, not beer or wine, but a lottery ticket. Something you have to be 18 to purchase. Then when we went to test drive the mini van, the sales guy asked if I was 18...seriously, if I wasn't do you think that I would want to test drive a mini van...come on. Then today, I was once again carded buying wine at the grocery store, Natalie hanging off my hip screaming because I had taken my car keys away from, Maddie screaming because I had to take my purse away from her to get out my id. I understand carding and the point behind it, but give me a break, when I am almost 30 and have 2 screaming kids. I know my frustration comes through sometimes because the sales clerks will apologize and say sorry you don't look that old, but seriously, when I can't even look 18 it is simply annoying. So here's to hoping I age gracefully, since I still look my sister's age, who is in fact 16 :-)