Sunday, August 05, 2007

I love eBay

I have always been a little addicted to eBay, ever since I discovered just how great it is, but now I like it even more. First let me re-phrase this, I am not a lover of selling things on eBay, I just am not good at making money, but I LOVE buying things. I re-discovered this yesterday when I started looking for Sarah Jessica Parker's new clothing line Bitten. The only store that sells it here in the Indy area is called Steve and Barry's and it is only located at Lafayette Square mall. This mall scares the living daylights out of me and there is no way I would go there a. Alone or b. With the girls, so I figured I would never get to see or have any of the Bitten line. I then started looking to see if they had them in Ohio, since I am going there in a few weeks, but no luck. Then it hit me, eBay, I am sure there is something on eBay, and boy was I right! So I started browsing and bidding, I love it! Then only catch here and especially on the bitten clothes is that you have to be careful. See the whole concept and point of the bitten line is that nothing, yes NOTHING is to cost over $20.00, the platform is that you can still look good without paying a fortune. Unfortunately you have people, like always on eBay making money and even starting the clothes over $20.00. I know they want to make money, but it is sad. Anyway, I did win a shirt and I am sure even with shipping it is not costing me that much more than it would have been to go to the store and hey it is worth it since that mall scares me so much. I am bidding on a few other things...a pair of flats and another shirt and who knows what I will find next, but I love that you can find almost anything on eBay...happy times, no if only I could figure out how to sell things and make money!