Saturday, October 06, 2007

First Time for Everything

Tonight our nightly routine was a little out of wack because we went to Tom's parent's house and ended up staying later than we normally do. When we got home it was already 8:30, the girl's drop dead time for bed. They were behaving really well though, luckily since they needed a bath because they were filthy. (They were having to much fun playing with rocks and leaves and crawling around) So we fill up the bath and decide to save time with a bubble bath. Tom sits with the girls and plays a little while I go and start their bottles. Then I go in to do the big clean down. Well, I get them all soaped up and I am starting to rinse when I look down and under the bubbles I see poop. Oh my goodness I say she, Maddie, pooped. Yes, this is the first time this has happened, ironically just a few weeks after Tom's dad asked if anyone had done this and we proudly were able to say no...until today! So we sit there for a second and Tom gets Natalie out, at which point we just start laughing hysterically, which either scares Maddie or embarresses her and she starts to cry. So I wrap her in a towel, soap, poop and all and we set to cleaning the tub out. Then back in they go to get cleaned up. Of course this was a truly funny moment, but we were wishing it was happening at 6:30 instead of quarter to nine, but ah well...hopefully it won't happen again for awhile, but at least we had a good laugh.