Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Shoes and Flu Shots

When you have twins everything is multiplied, the diapers, food, love, clothes and SHOES. The girls are just starting to walk and there was a sale online for shoes, $4.99 a pair...I couldn't beat it so I started stocking up and this is what I ended up with...CRAZY. I saved so much money though so it will be worth it, but it is funny when you walk into their room and see so many shoes laying around...they are never in a straight line, or neat and tidy. The girls are way to little for that at this stage, but they are too cute, the little shoes that is...well the girls are too!

On a side note, I have decided that ALL parents should be forced or feel obligated to get a flu shot. I HATE shots, and up until the girls were born never got a flu shot, never needed a flu shot, never got the flu, but now that I am a parent I get the shot like I should. Well, I must have been on a lot of pain killers last year, because I don't remember it hurting as bad as it did today. Holy Cow, it hurt like crazy, I almost wanted to cry, no wonder the girls cried when they got theirs, it was crazy. With that pain, I realized that the parent should feel what their child is feeling as well, so everyone can sympathize together. I am just hoping that this year I don't get sick...I know, I know they say you can't get the flu from the shot, but last year I got a fever and was achy for about 2 days after getting it, so I hope that doesn't happen this year. I also hope that the girls forgive me when I have to take them back for their flu booster in a few weeks...painful, my poor babies. I know it is for everyone's benefit, but still...Pain, Pain, Pain. So if you are a parent get your flu shot and be nice to your babies when they get theirs, because it isn't a pleasant experience! :-)