Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mug n Bun

Yesterday Tom had a craving for a hamburger, something that NEVER happens. So we started thinking of a good place to get a take out burger, that wasn't Steak n Shake because we don't live near one. I got online and started searching and remembered that Mug n Bun is like 5 minutes from our apartment, so we agreed to give it a try. WOW! There is a reason this joint has been in business for 48 years. The burgers are great, the onion rings are amazing and oh my goodness the homemade root beer is killer. We bought a gallon of it, it is that good. The only down side is they take cash only, but hey I guess a stop at the ATM on the way there is worth it. If you are ever on the west side, 10th and Lynhurst or want to drive for a good burger, (they have other things, chicken, fish, pork tenderloins...etc...a very extensive menu) you should give it a try, because it is fabulous...oh and the prices can't be beat! You can check out their website isn't very fancy, but it works for their menu and more information)