Thursday, October 18, 2007

Table Food Please Mommy

Today the girls had their one year check-up, which went pretty well. We switched doctors, same practice, just different doctor. She was amazing compared to our other doctor. He was fine, but very sarcastic and made me feel very dumb, which was always hard, being a first time mom and all, with twins. But this lady was great and she did make me feel dumb, she took her time examining the girls and she was very friendly. It was a great switch. We also found out that we have been cleared for the girls to eat any food they want, including peanut butter, eggs and shell fish, and of course whole milk...yippee! We will start to explore new foods, in small amounts, so as to not waste things, which should be fun and interesting. In other news the girls are completely healthy. Natalie is still falling in the 5% range for her weight of 17.8 and Maddie is in the 25% for her weight of 19.6. Their heads are in the 50-75% at 18, and Their heights are 28 for Natalie and 28 and 3/4 for Maddie, still pretty small, I think it was 25-50% or something like that. The doctor said not to worry though, because they are still on the curve so that is good. Tom and I have also made the decision to keep them facing backwards until Natalie is at least 25 pounds. They say you can turn them around once they are 20 pounds AND one year, but that it is actually safer to keep them facing backwards, so we are going to do that for awhile, they have each other to entertain and I am all about safety. Other than that we are just working on talking and walking. Natalie is doing a great job and Maddie just gets so excited that she keeps falling, but she is starting to get the hang of it as well. So that is all for now, but I am sure there will be interesting food stories down the road.