Tuesday, October 09, 2007

You Know You're a Parent When:

You Know you are a parent when you now have radio Disney programmed into you car radio and one or two of your cd spaces in your car changer have disney tunes and other "toddler" music taking up space. I can't believe we have reached this stage already, but the girls absolutely love music. As soon as some of their kid music turns on they both start bouncing their heads and chatting, almost like singing. It is really cute. They also like to dance in the living room and their bedroom. I think for a little while I am going to be selective as to what music they listen to, just because so much of it annoys me, but it is good to let them listen to different things. They also have started to enjoy watching some television. Sesame Street is one they like and for their birthday my mom got them Fraggle Rock. Do you remember that, from when we were little? This was one of Tom and my favorites and we are glad it is on DVD now so the girls can watch it too. I am also selective on what they can watch...no Barney, no wiggles and no teletubbies to start. The Sprout channel is okay, until it starts showing the above shows, at which point it gets shut off. Now, please don't think that I plop the girls down all day and let them watch tv, because it isn't like that at all. They don't watch more than 30 minutes and it isn't like the sit and watch, it is more like background noise while they play and every now and then they will watch a couple seconds. My mom informs me that I better get used to this sort of stuff, because even now she still listens to what my sister wants to listen to, 16 years later...ahhhh to be a parent :-)