Monday, October 15, 2007

Wild Weekend

This past weekend we celebrated the girl's 1st birthday for the 2nd time at my in-laws house. It was a fun weekend. The girls still weren't really into their cakes, but they loved all their gifts. Then that night, the girls and I stayed at their Nana and Poppi's house since Tom was headed to a bachelor party. We went to a little fair in Martinsville for the fall Foliage festival. The girls were so funny because even though we fed them before we left we had to stop and get them a grilled cheese because they were hungry. The next day we went to the Fall Foliage parade. It was sure interesting, to say the least. About 5-10 minutes after the parade started a bunch of medical equipment went zooming by and rumours came back that one of the Shriner's had lost control and crashed into the crowd. We weren't very surprised because they had come very close to the curb when they had been by us. Then towards the end of the parade a man, seemingly drunk or on something fell off his horse and was taken away by the cops. It was pretty funny, and all had a good time, even the girls. I was worried it would be to loud for them, especially Maddie, but she loved it and was rocking and even recognized Tom, who rode in his Dad's wagon. It was a fun weekend, even though we are paying for it today, the girls got up at 5:45 and just a little while ago went down for their first nap, but we will bounce back and hey at least we all had fun.