Friday, October 12, 2007

Grilled Cheese, Tomato Soup and Karaoke

Today I tried to be a little more adventurous with the girl's meal choices. I know I should be giving them "real" people food instead of just pureed baby stuff, but it is so easy and I am afraid of choking...they only have 2 teeth a piece still, so I figure they can't chew that well. Well, yesterday I was eating a bagel and cream cheese and Maddie kept wanting some, so I gave it to her and she seemed to like it. So, today for lunch they had raisin bagel and cream cheese. Then for dinner Tom and I were having grilled cheese and tomato soup and I figured they would probably eat the soup, which they did, then I thought okay lets give them so grilled cheese too. They absolutely LOVED it. We started with just a little and they each ended up eating a half a was crazy, but that is good...exploration is good. You know what is no good. Live karaoke in the apartment upstairs, being sung at the highest decibel, by your Japanese neighbors. Yes, that is right, our upstairs neighbors are doing is horrible, it is so bad that even the girls were looking around wondering what that horrible noise is...we are giving them until 11:00...quiet time and if it doesn't stop they will either get a pleasant...or not so pleasant knock on the door, or the cops will be called...ahhhhhh house please be finished soon!