Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Did It!

As the girls turned one yesterday I achieved my goal of nursing/pumping for them for a whole year. My initial goal was six months, and once I reached that I set out to try eight months. Once I got to eight months I knew I could make it the full first year, which I did! It has been a sacrifice to say the least, but it was worth it to not have the girls on formula. Surprisingly they really did not have much formula at all, we supplemented about one bottle a day for a few months, but for the last six months they haven't had any. Now the process of weaning has begun and I am so excited to have extra time back in my day. Of course though on the heels of this great achievement I have yet another infection. This would be my fourth of the year and of course this is the worst one. Last night I was really sore and then I was laying in bed and just got really, really cold. I had on a sweatshirt, sweatpants, socks and all of the blankets and I was still freezing. At this point I figured I should take my temperature and sure enough, fever. Then I got nauseous and yup you know what happened next. Then wouldn't you know, since I am a mom and all and you don't get to call in sick, Maddie woke up and wanted to eat and cuddle. So I fed her and rocked her a little and then went back to was a rough night, but we survived. Now I am just waiting for my prescription to be ready so hopefully I will feel better soon. Ah, but I digress, this post was supposed to be about my big achievement and moving on to the next big thing. Yippee for me.