Monday, October 01, 2007

Kisses, Patty Cake, and So Big

This week the girls have advanced so much, it is really amazing. Tom and I went to dinner on Friday and when we came back my mom had taught them how to do, "So Big" Maddie loves to do it and laughs and claps and raises her hands up. Maddie also likes to give kisses. Although she prefers opened mouth kisses, which are kind of wet, she is to cute for words. Both girls have the favorite game of playing patty cake now though and they clap their hands all of the time. They are still working on the roll it part, but the clapping they have down. We are trying to teach them, "the kick is good" since it is basically like "so big" but we think that is confusing them a little bit, so we will have to keep working on that. Maddie has also started to take a few more steps and soon their little back pack leashes they got for their birthdays will come in very handy. It really is amazing how spongy they are and how they soak up everything, good or bad, but once again it is all to much fun and we are constantly laughing now because they are too cute.

This picture, which is small, is a picture of the leashes they is a bear and one is a monkey, they are the cutest things ever!